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The First step in building your online presence is crafting a website that will perform well, no matter the device you're viewing it on.
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What makes A website great? Design.

A lot of people are familiar with the most obvious aspect of web design... the actual design itself!

The design of your website is important because people like to look at things that are pretty! A well designed website will keep potential clients and customers engaged on your site for longer, increasingly the likelihood that they'll go with your services.

When crafting a website you want to showcase the best your business has to offer. A beautiful layout, some fancy animations, stunning images, a nice font, and proper spacing. These are all essential to making sure your businesses online presence is the best it can be.
Mobile Responsive
All our Websites are designed to work on any device your customer views it from.
We ensure that your website has a look and feel that fits your business or brand.

What else makes A website great? Performance.

When your website is published, it's competing with all the other websites on the internet that are in your category. If you're a plumber your website is competing against all the other plumbing websites on the internet.

Your site performance matters because Google says it does. Google's algorithm (among other things) ranks your website based on how quickly it loads and how long your potential clients and customers stay engaged on your website. If your site takes too long to load, most people will leave and look elsewhere.

We ensure effective website performance by implementing efficient caching policies, compressing and stripping the metadata from your images, using a content delivery network (when necessary), and optimising your site to load fast.
Fast Loading Times
We go through a number of processes to ensure your page loads as fast as possible.
Proper Indexing
We will build your website in a way that will ensure Google and other Search Engines rank it properly for its keywords.

So how much does a website Cost?

A website can technically be built in as little as a few hours. However, there are a number of factors that often increase the amount of time to build an optimised and beautiful website.

We will work with you through a discovery process, where we learn about your business and what your online goals are. We use this initial discovery phase to put together a plan of action. Then we get to work designing and developing your website. This involves elements of Graphic Design, SEO (Keyword research) and competitor analysis.

Once this aspect is complete your website will be ready to be published, but not before we completely optimise the site.

The bare minimum a website would cost would be affordable to most businesses, but depending on the scope, you can expect anywhere up to $5,000 plus taxes for your website.

Only if you're building an e-commerce website or a large online platform can you expect to pay more than $5,000. If you're paying more than that for a basic business website, then you're overpaying!

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